Tripping Upstairs with Alistair Russell CM002 1978
High Rock and Low Glen Dab Hand CM025 1985
So What Is There To Show? Real Time (Tom Napper and Rob van Sante) Fine Mess FM 001 1990
The Silverlode Tom Napper Tom Bliss SLIP 006 2002
The Kelping Tom Napper Tom Bliss SLIP 008 2005
Stolen Pigs The Pipers Sons SLIP 010 2008

Significant Contributions

Mixed Moss Tom Bliss SLIP 009 2006
Island Stories Tom Bliss SLIP 011 2008
The Whisper Tom Bliss SLIP 012 2008
Downhill All The Way Slide SLIP 007 2003
The Sunday Walks Ciaran Boyle             BPASCD 06
Last Nights Fun Chris Sherburn and Denny Bartley SOM 002 1995